30 Day WARRIORZ Ab Challenge
30 Day WARRIORZ Ab Challenge

30 Day WARRIORZ Ab Challenge

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Tired of those same boring Ab routines? Don’t know where to begin to start your journey on getting a flat tummy? Looking for an exciting way to burn fat, be healthy, get fit and gain confidence? No problem  do you are in the perfect place :-) after 10 years of professional experience I have finally decided to share my secrets on getting a flat tummy, feeling great about yourself and getting healthy and all I need is short 25 to 35 minutes per day with you. 

It’s amazing what the body can do in 30 days with

✅ 30 Days Ab Workout videos and workouts


Meal Plan

Healthy Grocery List

Ab Workouts

24/7 Accountability Chat

Cardio Workout

Healthy Recipe Recommendations and did I mention Ab Workouts By Me

✅You will take a before and after picture to hold yourself accountable. 

✅There will be a Detailed Ab Video dropped the night before Hosted by Coach K or an Instructor from The University Of Warriorz

✅Results are Guranteed if you stick to the regiment


Sample Video