How to Drive More Sales with Instagram

How to Drive More Sales with Instagram


1. Start posting Instagram Stories regularly

  • “Swipe up” feature
  • Shoppable Stories
  • Promoted Stories
  • Engage with your followers through Q&A and poll stickers, or emoji sliders
  • Add outbound links to your content


2. Try to make more live videos


If you’ve never hosted an Instagram live stream, here are a few ideas of what you can do during one:

  • give your customers a glimpse of exclusive brand events
  • do an interview with someone whose experience is valuable to the audience
  • show you or your customers unboxing the products
  • announce upcoming events and novelties in the assortment
  • give the link right to your store and encourage people to act immediately, so you’ll get more leads


3. Make your Instagram profile visible


What should ecommerce business owners do to really SELL via their Instagram profile?

  • Use your brand’s style to make the profile recognizable. If you don’t have an individual style yet, it’s time to create one
  • Write a bio that will help followers understand who you are and what you are doing
  • The bio is the only chance on Instagram to add a clickable link. So, don’t forget to add it


4. Start using user generated content

5. Use relevant and popular hashtags

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