How much are you Willing to invest in your Health?

***How much are you Willing to invest in your Health????

1. Healthy Meal and Protein (Best Nutrition You can Fuel your Body with #1 Meal Replacement )

2. Tea and Aloe (energy, Detox our bodies, burn fat, clean out those kidneys and shower our insides)

3. Starter Kit (Full Nutritional Meal and Drink to Lose, Gain or maintain weight)

Shakes Last 15 Days all other items 1 complete month recommend get 2 Flavored Shakes

*4. 21 Day Internal Cleanse (AKA Oil Change for your Body) includes Am/ Pm Tablets, Florafiber, Mango Concentrated Aloe

***5. Serious about your Health Package includes (Shake, Protein, aloe, tea, Florafiber, Am/Pm)

Keep Calm Take Herbalife with a COACH :-)

#5 Coaches Recommended

#4 At Least twice a year


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