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1) Go to


2) Then click "Apply Online" under Join Herbalife tab.


3) Enter email and create a password.


4) Choose Membership- Click "Sign Up as a Preferred Member" (on left)


5) Enter Sponsor Details:

🔹Sponsor ID:

🔹1st 3 letter of sponsor Last Name:


6) Proceed to Fill Out Personal Info


🔹Personal Info, Residential Address, Phone Numbers, Email, Etc.

🔹Create Pin (Write down) 📝

🔹 Username & Password (Write down)  📝

🔹Answer Security Questions


7) Agree to Terms


8) Review & Confirm


9) Pref Member Pack $34.99

🔹 Shipping

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10) Submit Payment Info 💳


Congratulations!  🎈🎊🎉 You're Now a New Preferred Member & you Can Enjoy your Savings!

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