*26 Benefits of Joining the "New Year New Me” Challenge

**26 Benefits of Joining the "New Year New Me” 90 Day Challenge*

1. Exercise Delivers Energy

2.Social Opportunity: meet new friends

3. Increase Self- Confidence

4. Lower Stress

5. Balanced hormones

6. Better Salary : People who exercise may have paychecks that are up to 10% Bigger than those of non- exercising counterparts

7. Happiness

8. Healthy Weight

9. Better Night Sleep

10. Pain Relief

11. Healthier Heart

12. Better Balance

13. Longer life

14. Vibrant Skin

15. Leg Up on Bad Habits

16. Strong Bones

17. Memory and Mental Clarity

18. Healthier Relationship

19. Ability to Try New Workouts

20. Better Dependability in Bed

21. Fewer Medical Expenses

22. Enhanced Creativity

23. Strong Immune System

24. Ability to Change your Life

25. Legacy for FUTURE Generations (Younger People who see family members working can form positive associations with exercise early in life

26. EARN some free 💵💵💵💵💵






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